Calicut is better known by its present day name, Kozhikode. It has a beautiful location in the north of Kerala on the Malabar Coast. Like other cities of the state, it too has been shaped by an interesting history. The lucrative spice trade earned it much attention from Arab traders and Portuguese explorers. Their interaction with the local Zamorin rulers forged a culture that is distinct, cosmopolitan, regional and international. The intricately carved sculptures of Hindu temples and the towering minarets of Islamic monuments give the city an eye catching skyline.

The city is also well known for its institutes of higher learning that have given this region some of its finest scholars. The city is home to an Indian Institute of Management and a National Institute of Technology. Most of the colleges in the area are affiliated to the University of Calicut. The local medical college gets a large intake of students from all over the state and from the neighbouring states as well. It has a reputation for churning out world class doctors year after year. There are also many research institutes in the area that do work in areas like spice research, disease research and zoological surveys. The fine minds who work at Calicut PhD Coaching Classes graduated from these leading educational institutes and cut their teeth at advanced research centres. They now offer an vast array of services to the student community.

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